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Hybrid markets are the future

RightsTrade has extensive experience building full virtual marketplaces for third parties, having fully powered the online Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART) from 2020 to 2022.

Take advantage of our technical expertise, advanced analytics, and high-level security to elevate your online presence with your own digital market.

Complement your in-person events

Take advantage of our industry expertise and capabilities to create your digital market that will complement in-person events with additional services.

Expand your market reach

An online marketplace drives more total attendance and allows you to focus on the most valuable in-person experiences.

Offer participants high security

Your exhibitors will feel safe sharing their avails, screeners, and scripts – all secured with flexible privacy settings, watermarks, and DRM protection.

Keep the momentum going

Having a dedicated year-round digital platform will enable you to host themed micro-markets outside the major market schedule.

Leverage market insights

Monitor all market interactions, visitor engagement, and the performance of exhibitors and titles, to make strategic decisions.

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