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Independent Producers

Realize your vision with RightsTrade
RightsTrade is a platform that helps you sell territorial distribution rights, securely screen titles, and connect with film and TV buyers.

Let RightsTrade help you navigate the challenges of film distribution and give you the tools, insights, and connections you need to bring your project to the world.

New to the industry? Welcome aboard!

We can help your work find new audiences by empowering you to reach film and TV distributors around the world.

Take control of your sales journey

Leverage our platform to connect with relevant territorial buyers or sales agents, share secure screeners, and close deals.

Target the right markets

Find the best regions to target with our genre demand analytics and assess the optimal pricing in each territory with the Cinelytic Comps Tool.

Meet relevant buyers

Our marketing tools and recommendation engine put your work in front of the right buyers, opening doors and empowering your dealmaking.

Make informed decisions

Knowledge is power! Leverage our comprehensive analytics, data, and tracking to engage buyers and close deals.

Share information securely

Our watermarking and DRM protections allow you to send screeners and documents securely.

How can we help you?

If you have additional questions, please contact us using the form. We appreciate your feedback.

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