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Maximize your content value with our best-in-class marketplace and state-of-the-art Cinelytic Comps Tool. Our leading industry data and analytic tools will help you future proof your decisions to promote your titles more efficiently, connect with relevant vetted buyers, and generate sales – all in a single platform.
Assess your content value
Our best-in-class Comps Tool leverages the industry’s leading data sources to give you game changing insights on your projects in minutes

Maximize Value

Use data insights to showcase content value

The integrated Cinelytic Comps Tool grants you access to the industry’s leading film database and content evaluation tools to support your sales pitch. Screener analytics provide additional insights into audience location, use and preferences.

Rely on Security & Privacy

Keep full control over the privacy of your titles

Send branded screeners with custom security settings, share watermarked screenplays and other digital assets, and limit visibility of your titles and rights.

Increase Sales

Inbound leads meet concierge marketing

Sell your titles faster with screener tracking and analytics, demand trends, and receive relevant inbound leads from vetted buyers on Rightstrade. Get your content in front of the right buyers with our opt-in marketing campaigns and concierge buyer services.

Close Deals Fast

Streamline the deal process

Respond to inquiries from our community of vetted industry buyers, negotiate agreement terms, and sign licensing deals in a fraction of the time. No commissions – keep 100% of your sales!

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Main Sellers FAQ’s
How do I find and connect with relevant Buyers on the platform?

Sellers can maximize sales opportunities from 5000+ Buyers across 125 countries who span all key distribution territories and channels. This includes companies that buy for television, streaming platforms, airlines, international, studios, theatrical and all rights.

Listing your avails for each title is the easiest way for vetted Buyers to find your content as most of them actively search for titles according to rights availability by territory. After Buyers find your content through an Avails Search or via your title page, they can contact you directly to request a screener or make an inquiry. Any authorized member of your company has the ability to approve or deny a screener request.

To find Buyers that are most relevant for your content, you can use the Browse tool for Companies that allows you to filter by rights and acquisition region. Once you’ve narrowed down your audience to relevant Buyers, you can send them targeted screeners along with your title availability reports. Simply add search parameters such as rights group, territory, and date to searches in order to immediately pull avails for those criteria.

How do I promote my titles?

RightsTrade homepage features two carousels of titles that are refreshed frequently, offering optimal visibility to your titles.

We also send bi-monthly data-driven marketing campaigns to connect Buyers and Sellers with similar interests. Analytics powered recommendation campaigns drive activity on Seller titles.

The Buyer Concierge program will also recommend your titles to relevant Buyers who expressed interest in genres that match your content.

How does RightsTrade ensure the security of my screeners?

To achieve the highest level of security possible, our backend captures detailed information of each screener view. This information includes a unique user ID number, email address, device used, IP address and geo-targeting, allowing us to identify and trace every screening that occurs.

Every RightsTrade screener is also secured by the following mechanisms:

  • A screener requires that an authorization be granted to the viewing user by any Seller at the rights-holding company.

  • The screener authorization is tied to the viewer’s email or account credentials (username/password)

  • The screener viewing period is limited to a specified date-range and access can be limited down to the minute

  • The screener authorization can optionally be limited to a certain number of views and “devices” (browser/computer combination).

Our advanced security features also include watermarking of the viewer’s email address across the screener, the size and placement of which can be preset by the Seller.

Our screening room is powered by Amazon S3, the leading web-services interface developed by Amazon Web Services to store and retrieve any data from the web. Amazon S3 is compliant with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) set of best practices for securely storing, processing, and delivering protected media and content.

Can I invite Buyers that are not already registered on RightsTrade to watch my films?

Of course! You can invite any of your contacts to screen and they will be taken directly to your screener. They will be able to watch the screener by simply providing a username and password.

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