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RightsTrade makes it easier and faster to search and discover relevant titles, streamlining your acquisition process. Integrated Cinelytic data tools provide actionable insights on the value of your projects to help you make the best decisions possible.
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Cinelytic’s industry leading Comps Tool provides buyers with actionable insights for acquisition decisions. In addition, our demand trends Market Insights Map helps you better understand audience preferences.

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Main Buyers FAQ’s
How do I register as a Buyer?

It’s easy and Buyer registration is free. Click on Sign up, type in and verify your email address, and create your profile. Follow the instructions to create your user and company profile. 

All Buyer companies are vetted for accuracy to ensure that they are representing legitimate organizations. You will be notified by our team once your company has been officially granted Buyer status. 

You can also start your registration when receiving a screening invitation. You will be prompted to create a username and password and this will enable you to access your screeners immediately.

Is there any cost for being a Buyer on RightsTrade?

No, registration on the platform is free for Buyers.

RightsTrade does not charge any commission on deals made on the platform, so feel free to negotiate and complete your transactions offline. You may also use our Deal Wizard tool, which is integrated with DocuSign, to define licensing terms, digitally sign and download final agreements online.

How do I search for content?

There are a number of ways that you can find content on RightsTrade:

  • Avails Search: once your company is granted Buyer status, navigate to the Avails Search page under Browse to find titles whose rights are available for acquisition in your vetted territories. Just select the filters to specify the acquisition regions, rights groups, genres, project types, and other conditions for titles you would like to acquire, and click on “Check Availability” to see the results. Then, select titles of interest and click on “Make Inquiry” to send a message to the Sellers.

Please note that not all Sellers choose to list their available rights, so feel free to contact them through the “Contact Company” button on a specific title page to inquire about its availability in your territories.

  • Browse Companies: navigate to the Companies page under Browse, select the “Content Listed” box under “Seller Activities” in the left column, and click on your company of interest to view and filter the titles they listed on RightsTrade.
  • Browse Titles: navigate to the Titles page under Browse, and use the filters in the left column to refine your search criteria. 

Want to track titles of interest? Just click on the “Add to Tracking List” button located next to each title. You’ll also find this button on each title page. You will be able to access and keep notes on each of these titles in your Tracking List

  • Search Engine: type in a relevant keyword in the search bar located at the top of the RightsTrade site to find a specific title.
  • Buyer Concierge: This complimentary service allows you to save time on finding titles  that match your criteria, or if there is something very specific you are looking for. Just fill out this RightsTrade Buyer Concierge Form and we will send you curated content recommendations.
How do I contact Sellers on RightsTrade?
  • Contact Company: If you have any questions about a specific title you see on RightsTrade, just click on the “Contact Company” button located below the key art of the title page. You will be redirected to the corresponding Seller page listing company representatives with whom you can connect.

  • Screener Request: You can ask for access to a screener by clicking on the “Request Screener” button on any title page. Do not forget to personalize your message with more information about your company and acquisition profile.

  • Make an Inquiry: If you are using the Avails Search tool and would like to ask Sellers about pricing and terms, click on your titles of interest and on “Make Inquiry.”
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