The Wishmas Tree   (2019)
A young possum must embark on an extraordinary adventure to reverse her selfish wish that has doomed her home, Sanctuary City.
AKA 1:
Tales from Sanctuary City: The Wishmas Tree
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Feature Film
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Kate Murphy, Miranda Tapsel, Ross Noble
Ricard Cusso
Peter Ivan
Kristen Souvlis, Nadine Bates
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Deep within the gates of the fantastical, protected animal para­dise known as Sanctuary City, stands Kerry, a young, rebel­lious ringtail possum who is obsessed with the world outside of the city walls and the adventures that lay within it, amongst the WILD animals. In the centre of the utopian city, the Wishmas Day ceremony is taking place, when all the city's children pluck seed heads from the sacred Wishmas Tree to make wishes of generosity and unity. Defying her loving father and Petra, her pragmatic sister, Kerry does the unthinkable - she sneaks into the Wishmas Tree at night and plucks the very last seed head, in defiance of the city's law, intent on changing Sanctuary City, no matter the consequences. Kerry awakens the next morning, to a city blanketed in SNOW and ICE, a WHITE Wishmas ... but the initial novelty quickly give way to crisis as the city's energy-generating water­fall freezes, feral mountain animals encroach on the city, and the sacred Wishmas Tree begins to die. The eccentric, wizened Keeper of the Tree, Yarra the Frilled-Necked Lizard, tells Kerry the only way to reverse the wish is by journeying through the Forbidden WILD out­side of the city to find the fabled Sister Wishmas Tree, the only place where a new wish can be made. They head off, with Petra in tow, and as the sisters navigate the perils of the wild, they must also navigate and repair their broken relationship if they are to find the Sister Tree, save the city from an icy fate, and discover the true meaning of Wishmas....more