Falcón - Condenados al silencio
2 x 45
Action, Drama, Thriller
Marton Csokas, Hayley Hatwell, Natalia Tena
Pete Travis
“Falcón” is a four-episode miniseries based on Robert Wilson's novels “El ciego de Sevilla” and “Condemados al silencio”, starred impeccably by Marton Csokas (“The Lord of the Rings”, “La deuda”) in the role of the ambiguous detective. Falcon is a tormented policeman, a brilliant investigator who always lives on the edge between the world of law and the criminals he pursues. Accompanied by the secrets of his past and his addictions, Falcon will have to solve brutal murders and crimes that will bring to light the worst side of the human being. Film 2: The Silent and the Damned Episode 1: Spanish detective Javier Falcon investigates the death of a powerful Sevillian businessman, but when his superiors try to take him off the case he suspects a cover up. Who was Raphael Baena trying to blow the whistle on and what can his murder have to do with the death of a Chilean journalist? Episode 2: Falcon defies orders to back off investigating two murders he believes to be part of a CIA conspiracy and discovers corruption and abuse much closer to home. Thwarted in his pursuit of justice, Falcon is faced with an impossible moral dilemma. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR AGES UNDER 16...more