3 A.M.   (2000)
Three New York cabbies try to get their lives together as they work the mean streets and try to dodge a bandit who is killing cabbies.
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Three Am
Project Type:
Feature Film
Running Time:
Action, Adventure, Drama, Mystery
Lee Davis
Lee Davis
Danny Glover
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Dubbed In:
French, Italian, Spanish
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The good luck, bad luck, fates and fortunes of four taxi drivers collide during one night in Manhattan. It's 11:45 P.M. in New York. Lady Luck Cab's night shift begins. And four floaters take to the streets.It starts out as just another night for Mizra, a refugee from Bosnia-Herzegovina who has fled one war for a life-and-death battle of another kind. For jazz-loving free soul, Hershey, it means riding out a tenuous relationship with George, his possibly unfaithful girlfriend. In the simple dreams of Singh, a Pakistani, the stars bring hope for an eternity of peaceful music, beautiful women and fresh olives. But the night that surrounds Salgado, a superstitious Latina who practices Santeria, serves only to feed her fears of a demon's arrival.Within the first hour the kinship between these disparate drivers shifts when Singh is murdered -- the 11th victim of a serial killer targeting cab drivers.In the wake of the murder, Hershey, Mizra and Salgado become increasingly affected by -- and vulnerable to -- the night and their unknown destiny. For Hershey, it's his loss of power over his girlfriend and the belief that she's cheating on him. For Mizra, it's a confrontation with a crazed cabbie that precipitates a hit-and-run accident leaving a young pedestrian close to death. But Salgado, whose dread of being pursued by an unnamed demon has escalated, is in control of her own destiny. Fearing that a new passenger is "the one," she murders him. Returning home, she discovers the real demon, immediately recognizable, is present. Her night is over.By 3 A.M., Mizra, with a one-way ticket back to his family, begs Hershey for a lift to the airport to flee repercussions from the accident. Here, Mizra discovers the pedestrian is fine, and with a clear conscience and the unexpected waiting for him, boards the plane for home. Hershey, sane, alive, and thankful for life's small blessings, proposes to George. She readily accepts. She's been waiting for years.Cruising between the otherworldly and the down-to-earth, between short-term relationships with strangers to life-term responsibilities for our actions, 3 A.M. offers a night like no other....more
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