MIND'S EYE, THE (2015)
A drifter with psychic powers takes on an evil doctor and his crew of telekinetic assassins.
87 min
Horror, Sci-Fi
Graham Skipper, John Speredakos, Lauren Ashley Carter
Joe Begos
Joe Begos
United States
On a snowy back road in New England, police harass a drifter, only to be thrown violently through the air by an unseen force. The loner is identified as Zack Connors, a man with a blessing – and a curse. Zack finds himself in Slovak's institute alongside others with similar telekinetic abilities, but the doctor's intentions are quickly found to be diabolical. To save his comrades, Zack is forced to unleash his gift, triggering a bloody battle of the minds against Slovak and his telekinetic assassins.