Adventures of William Tell   (1986)
The story of William Tell, a man chosen by destiny to become a symbol of resistance against tyranny, and the only hope of deliverance for his oppressed homeland.
AKA 1:
Crossbow, The Movie
Running Time:
Action, Adventure, Drama, Family, History, Mystery
Project Status:
Dubbed In:
Czech, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
Filmed on location in France, The Adventures of William Tell recounts the legendary tale of William Tell, the late-medieval hero whose struggle to free his imprisoned son makes him a reluctant symbol of resistance to the rule of the Emperor Frederick and his tyrannical governor, Gessler. Though his father seeks to live quietly, and would rather submit to the rule of the Holy Roman Emperor than see the bloodshed and destruction that revolt would bring about, young Matthew Tell rashly makes a public show of resistance to new tributes imposed by the power-made Gessler. Gessler responds by taking Matthew and William Tell into custody and burning their village. But Gessler miscalculates by putting Tell to the famous test of shooting an apple off his son's head with a crossbow - instantly turning William Tell into a folk-hero and a symbol of resistance. While William Tell is sent off to rot in the infamous prison, Death Castle, young Matthew is taken to the Citadel, where he ingratiates himself with the Emperor's grandson, who witnessed the incident with the apple. But William escapes and, determined to free his son, enlists the help of three courageous mercenaries with whom he rode years before when they were known as the Four Horsemen. Tell and his compatriots gain entrance to the walled city, disguised as crippled pilgrims. In a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with Gessler, and relying on plenty of skillful swordsmanship and the help of a beautiful princess, William Tell manages to free Matthew, escape execution. And set out on a new life of adventure in the struggle against oppression....more