Ilustres ignorantes
100+ x 26
Comedy, Lifestyle, Talk Show & Variety
Javier Coronas, Javier Cansado, Pepe Colubi
On air since 2008. More than 100 episodes per season. "Ilustres ignorantes" tries to find answers to all those ridiculous questions that we ask ourselves in our daily life, why don’t they make airplanes with the same material they use to make the black box ?, why are sterilized needles used to give a lethal injection? Why did the Flintstones celebrate Christmas if they lived before Christ? ... What matters is not finding the right answers, but the ingenuity, humor, interest and unusualness of each question’s development. To this regard, together with Javier Coronas, each program will have the presence of two collaborators and two guests. The two permanent collaborators are the comedian and radio announcer Javier Cansado - member of the humorous duo Faemino y Cansado - and Pepe Colubi, journalist, writer and screenwriter of television programs. The characters that will change in each program will be a humorist and a guest with a different, funny and sagacious look on the world. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR AGES UNDER 16...more
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