Accidental Friendship, An   (2008)
A female police officer befriends a homeless woman through their mutual love of dogs and helps her get off the streets and into a new life.
AKA 1:
An Accidental Friendship
Running Time:
2 hr
Drama, Family
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What begins as a normal beat for officer Tami Baumann soon evolves into something much more—an appreciation for life’s lost moments and the heartening realization that it’s never too late to recapture them. Christmas is approaching: the wind is brisk and the streets are the cold home for Yvonne Caldwell (Chandra Wilson, Emmy Nominee Grey’s Anatomy). The indigent African-American woman survives day to day with her beloved dogs Man-Man and the pregnant Bebe and a few family keepsakes from her past. Though too proud to take charity, Yvonne accepts food for her dogs from Tami (Kathleen Munroe, Beautiful People), who is sympathetic with the plight of the homeless—and their fate, especially during the merciless months of winter. When Bebe delivers her litter, Tami helps to find homes for the pups, but pleads with Yvonne to enter Tara’s House, a rehabilitation center that could become her home, a foundation for a new future. A loner most of her adult life, Tami is also opening herself up to new beginnings by making room for fellow officer Kevin Brawner (Gabriel Hogan, Wisegal) —however reluctantly. Likewise, Yvonne’s life is turning around at Tara’s House, where she gains a newfound self-respect by cleaning, exercising, cooking, and writing poetry. But when Yvonne’s health suddenly takes a turn for worse, Tami offers her a home in which to recover. As Tami’s relationship with Kevin deepens, Tami begins to appreciate the people in life who can change a life. People like Yvonne, no longer that lonely stranger with her dogs and memories, but a human being with a name, a purpose, a future—and a new and unexpected friend for life. From Emmy award winning screenwriter Anna Sandor (My Louisiana Sky) and co-starring Emmy and Golden Globe nominee Ben Vereen (Roots) comes a story of the myriad of relationships that can define a life, An Accidental Friendship is the perfect movie for families during the holiday season....more
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