OTHER WORLDS (Season 1) (2017)
Otros Mundos
6 x 52
Arts & Culture, Civilization, Documentary, History, Human & Social
Javier Sierra
Writer Javier Sierra invites us to share his passion for the great enigmas of History in this program of 6 episodes, in which he reviews his biography while revisiting some of the great mysteries of Humanity. Guided by him, we will view with different eyes the history of Ancient Egypt and the Secret of Fatima, as well as disturbing testimonies about encounters with extraterrestrials, enigmatic stories of the Reconquest of Spain and indecipherable symbols hidden in famous works of art. Javier Sierra’s Profile: Journalist, researcher and writer, in April 2006 Javier Sierra became the first Spaniard to enter the New York Times Top Ten best-selling authors in the USA. Published in 42 countries and having sold more than three million copies worldwide, he has become the second most translated contemporary Spanish author. He was awarded the prestigious Planeta Prize in 2017. Episode 1: “The light of the battle”, where we are told how Javier Sierra becomes interested in the enigmas of history and we attend some of them set in Ancient Egypt, the Reconquest or the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa . Episode 2: “The mysteries of art”, in which are unveiled first-hand disturbing theories and presences in paintings by Roberto Capelli, Robert Llimós, Luca Giordano or even in “Meninas” by Velázquez. Episode 3: “The Hopkinsville Case”, where one of the most famous cases of encounters between humans and extraterrestrial beings in history is told and recreated: the one that took place on a Kentucky farm in 1955. Episode 4: “The Secret of Fatima”, in which we discover new information and points of view on the case of the Virgin’s apparition in front of three Portuguese children, and who were the custodians of their three famous secrets, just in the year in which the centenary of these apparitions is celebrated. Episode 5: “The Spanish Mulder”, which addresses the investigation of Javier Sierra in the case of the apparition of the huge ball of light with two figures inside that was seen in different places of Tenerife by different members of the army in 1968 . Episode 6: “The light of Montserrat”, in which we relived Javier Sierra's forever life changing-event: at the age of 16, and on the top of the Montserrat mountain, a huge light flew over him during several seconds. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN UNDER 7...more
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