Angel's Rage 
A Japanese gangster living and operating in LA desperately attempts to fight his way out of the Yakuza path that his family has followed for generations. Things go awry when his young daughter Koyuki is kidnapped by gangsters. Our hero will stop at nothing to save her.
Action, Martial Arts, Sports
David Sakurai
Michael Spooner
David Sakurai
Lene Borglum
Single father Jin is a life-long soldier of The Brotherhood, a criminal organisation that recruits its members from birth, or initiation through violent blood-matches. After a recent stint in prison, Jin is back working with the organisation. At the same time, Jin’s daughter, Koyuki has been fighting boys at school again, aggravating the already tense relationship between Jin and Koyuki’s mother, Leia. Kenshiro, the acting boss of The Brotherhood, calls Jin to help interrogate members of a rival gang who have been stealing from them. After Kenshiro torments and kills the bikers, Jin starts contemplating a plan to leave his life of crime. However, The Brotherhood is a family and Jin knows too much: he can’t just leave. So begins a thrilling and violent journey through the criminal underworld, where nobody’s safe - not even Jin’s beloved daughter Koyuki who becomes a pawn in The Brotherhood’s shocking game....more