CONTAINED is a thrilling, $2 million budgeted race-against-time suspenser about two men who are imprisoned in a shipping container after witnessing a shocking dockside crime. The container is pushed overboard in a remote but busy shipping lane, surely sealing the two mens’ fate. They have to use their wits and the materials inside the container to escape the container before they sink to the bottom of the Pacific.
Ryan Coonan
Ryan Coonan, Richard Barcaricchio
Ryan Coonan, Richard Barcaricchio
CONTAINED, a thrilling race-against-time suspenser, sees two witnesses of a shocking dockside crime, young father Will and weary sea dog Roy, imprisoned in a shipping container that’s pushed overboard and slowly sinking, surely sealing the two innocent men’s doom. Using their wits, bravery and the various items found in the shipping container, Will and Roy must break out of their makeshift prison - drifting in a busy but remote offshore shipping lane - before they sink to the bottom of the Pacific. CONTAINED poses questions about control, fear and our ability to deal with life changing challenges, with claustrophobia and ultimate death persistently hovering the background. Written and directed by up-and-coming Australian filmmaking talents Ryan Coonan and Richard Barcaricchio, this $2 million budgeted feature will come packaged with an exciting, cutting-edge VR experience for our distribution partners in every territory to utilise to help create buzz, awareness and anticipation....more