NAMO   (2020)
A wave of paranoia is unleashed among the neighbors of an Iranian town by the daily presence of two strangers in a parked car, possibly from the national security. The tense climate triggers a witch hunt in the community.
AKA 1:
The Alien
Running Time:
90 min.
Drama, Foreign
Bakhtiyar Panjeei, Sevil Shirgi, Naser Hashemi, Hadi Eftekharzadeh, Firoz Ageli, Nader Mehdilo
Nader Saivar
Jafar Panahi, Nader Saivar
Mastane Mohajer
Project Status:
In an ordinary Iranian town, two mysterious strangers in a car begin to park daily at the same spot for many hours. This unusual occurrence triggers a wave of paranoia among the locals, who suspect them to be national security, as each feels they have reasons to be watched. The neighbors collectively suspect, however, that the main target for the surveillance is Bakhtiar, a Kurdish teacher, a newcomer and a foreigner, and the son of a famous controversial political figure, and they attempt, with rising hostility, to pressure him into giving himself up or leave the neighborhood. In the meantime, Bakhtiar, a family man with a father on his deathbed, a wife, and two little children, must decide whether to fight back and prove his innocence or to accept his victim role in the witch hunt and move away again. While in the midst of it all, he must also figure out how to fulfill his father’s dying wish during his last days on earth....more