1864 (TV-serie) (2014)
Hearts bleed in love and war
1864 - TV SERIES
8x58 min
Jakob Oftebro, Pilou Asbæk, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Søren Malling
Ole Bornedal
Jonas Allen, Peter Bose
Denmark is enthused following the victories over the Prussians in the war 1848-51, and is now scheming to annex Schleswig into the Danish Kingdom. Inflamed with nationalism the leader of the Danish parliament Monrad neglects all European treaties and throws the country into war with Prussia. At the same time the two peasant brothers Laust and Peter grow up and fall in love with the well-read and beautiful Inge. But when the war erupts Peter and Laust volunteer for the army. Meanwhile in 2014 the young maladjusted and depressed Claudia, who lost her brother in the war in Afghanistan, is forced to work as an aide for the 100-year-old Baron near the place where Peter and Laust grew up. Claudia finds Inge’s diary and through the personal story of the eccentric Baron she becomes an eyewitness to History and the extraordinary love story of Peter, Laust and Inge and how the brothers along with thousands of Danish soldiers fight some of the bloodiest battles in European history. The slaughterhouse at Dybbøl that changed Denmark forever....more
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