Shipping Wars (A&E)  
7 Seasons, 100 Episodes x 30 minutes. SHIPPING WARS follows independent truckers who make their living hauling unusual items traditional carriers won’t touch.
Project Type:
TV Series
Running Time:
Action, Adventure, Documentary, Reality
Marc Springer, Jennifer Brennan, Jarrett Joyce, Bill Lloyd
Scott Rice
Troy Griffin, Julian Sterbick-Myers, Laura Sobel, Dax Stringer
Origin Country(s)/Region(s)
United States
Media Formats:
3D, 2D
Sample episodes: "Big Bertha and The Molar" Jenn gives the University of Texas Marching band's massive drum, Big Bertha a beating, while Todd and Tamera face a train wreck of dental proportions when they tackle a massive train replica headed to a dental office. "Big Wine and Bigger Pine" A giant, but simple chair provides some oversized complications for Jarrett when it won't fit down the stairs. Marc lands a cool, cross country booze run, but things go sour once the wine heats up. "Punk-Drunk Love" Jessica signs up to move a half-ton steampunk robot in a single day, but will bad weather turn her load into steamjunk? Todd and Tamera realize that moonshine stills and porcelain plates don't mix well in the back of a trailer. "We Come in Pieces" (#53) Chris and Robbie awkwardly go where no transporter has gone before when a run brings them in contact with a Star Trek convention and its alien life forms. Meanwhile, Jarrett tries to glean from the past, and what he's learned from the other transporters as he tackles a load of massive pumpkins. "Monsters, Mannequins, and Mayhem" (#75) Todd and Tamera take on some Monsters in a move that proves to be anything but cinematic. Meanwhile, Dusty picks up some traveling companions of the strong, silent type. Can any of the transporters make it to their destinations with their sanity intact?...more