TABOO: EVIL (2017)
Tabú de Jon Sistiaga … La maldad
4 x 52
Documentary, Human & Social, News, Politics & World Affairs
Jon Sistiaga
Jon Sistiaga
What is a bad guy made of? Are evil people born or made? Jon Sistiaga explores the limits of human evil by posing moral dilemmas to the viewer, questioning their basic principles and seeking answers to questions that do not always bear solutions. Jon Sistiaga will look for answers by interviewing people who have done wrong, such as Colonel Valdiviezo, torturer of the Argentine dictatorship or Popeye, former assassin of the Medellin cartel; interviewing victims who have suffered, such as Annette Cabelli. survivor of Auschwitz or Ruth Ortíz, the mother of the children murdered by her ex-partner, José Bretón, and professionals who deal with evil in their day-to-day lives like Judge Garzón or the neuropsychiatrist Lola Morón. Episode 1 – What is evil made of?. What is a bad person made from? How can someone become a bad person? Many of us have thought at some point if we would be able to kill someone in a particular situation. And, who among us has not done anything bad at some point? What about a temporary evil act, quick and of no importance? Do they make us bad people? Are people born bad or do they become that way? Episode 2 – The Innocent Evil Expert’s can´t come to an agreement on this one big question, a question that tortures many parents. Are there children who are born evil? Episode 3 – The Theory of Evil Scientists have tried to scan the brain of psychopaths and criminals for many years to determine where ‘evil’ resides; in some religions, holy men may attempt to exorcise the demon and philosophers are divided even on how to define it. Episode 4 – The Supreme Evil Nazism changed our conceptions of how far evil can go. In industrialising murder on a scale never before seen, a limit has been reached that to surpass would be inconceivable. In this episode the son of a prominent Nazi criminal and a survivor from Auschwitz will give their perspectives on the horror. • MORAL DILEMAS. Each chapter starts with the visual representation of a moral dilemma that the viewer must solve. By doing so, you might discover things about yourself that you did not know. It is a simple psychological game that will help understand complex issues. • INTERVIEWS with people who have exercised Evil, as murderers or torturers; to victims who have suffered it, and to experts who in their day to day deal with it as judges, neurologists, psychiatrists or researchers. (* are specified further on) • A PROGRAM THAT RAISES QUESTIONS. Sistiaga tries to answer questions that he sends directly to the spectator, thus provoking his involvement, debate and reflection: what is a bad guy made of? Are evil people born or made? Can we talk about bad people or is it better to talk about evil behaviors? Can you photograph evil? Is there a gene that predisposes us to be evil? • RESEARCH IN DEPTH. Tabú has become a benchmark / reference for television journalism research as endorsed by its 2016 Ondas Award for Best Current Affairs Program. • NARRATIVE QUALITY close to fiction and impeccable technical quality also endorsed by its nomination to the Iris Prize 2016 for Best Production (Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas) NOT RECOMMENDED FOR AGES UNDER 16...more