JON & JOE (2018)
Documentary, Human & Social, Music & Live Performance
Joe Pérez Orive, Jon Sistiaga


Motion Picture Association of America — Over 17 only
JON&JOE is a musical road movie based in Norway, birthplace of Black Metal, that reviews the origin, cultural environment, purpose, utility and joy generated by this musical genre. The film is presented by reporter Jon Sistiaga and musical expert Joe Pérez Orive. Jon and Joe will attend concerts of iconic Black Metal bands such as Gaahls Wyrd, Enslaved and Vreid; speaking with Jørn "Necrobutcher" Stubberud, leader of Mayhem, considered to be the best band in the history of Black Metal, and will tour festivals, museums and cemeteries to obtain testimony from experts in the field. Murders among members of some of the groups, suicides, live mutilations or the burnings of churches, are the darkest aspects of the genre that Jon Sistiaga and Joe Pérez-Orive investigate on their journey. Journalistic rigor, social criticism, music and stories that could keep you up at night are mixed into the program’s narrative....more
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