En tierra de los nadie
12 x 52
Human & Social, News, Politics & World Affairs
Melchor Miralles
En Tierra de los Nadie”, a name which is a tribute to the famous poem by Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano, goes into places where human beings, in a disinterested way, give their lives to help other human beings who are or have been victims of situations that have taken them to the edge of the abyss. In each of the 12 reports that make up the series, the pain of the victims and the surrender and suffering of those who disinterestedly dedicate their lives to work in defense of the “no-one”, those who have nothing and despite this display insuperable dignity. Twelve stories that show that hopelessness still fits between dreams and people of good will draw strength from where there is no way to imagine that a better life is possible. “In the land of nobody” is a commitment to quality television, a journalism committed to the essential values of life, a responsible support to the disinherited of the land and a tribute to those who can enjoy a pleasant life in the first world give themselves to humanitarian aid in exchange for nothing. Ep. 1 - “The sleeping dream” (United States) Ep. 2 - “From among the rubble” (Haiti) Ep. 3 - “New poverty, same exclusion” (Spain) Ep. 4 - “Soy villero” (Argentina) Ep. 5 - “A world called Kibera” (Kenya) Ep. 6 - “Kamikazes of Hope” (Mexico) Ep. 7 - “Surviving childhood” (Cambodia) Ep. 8 - “El salado vive” (Colombia) Ep. 9 - “After the storm” (Philippines) Ep. 10 - “From fear to conscience” (Mozambique) Ep. 11 - “Tan pobremente digna” (Nicaragua) Ep. 12 - “By the color of your skin” (Tanzania) NOT RECOMMENDED FOR AGES UNDER 16...more