Elevador (2018)
The most entertaining countdown, hands down!
44 min
Arts & Culture, Music & Live Performance, Talk Show & Variety, TV Intl (non-English)
Melissa Roldan
Sergio Uzaheta
Sergio Uzaheta, Jean Vargas
Jason Peterson, Stephen Brooks, Paola Colmenares, Erika Pulido
Colombia, United States
Elevador is a complete reinvention of the Top 10 Countdown. You've never seen anything like it before: each video is annotated with production information, fan comments, behind the scenes video and other interactive goodies. Then we turn it up a notch with our special game of beat the clock "240 Segundos" - a quiz competition between a musician and one of his/her biggest fans (If the fan wins, the artist follows him/her on Instagram). Plus each episode features a 60-second lesson in urban slang called "La Jerga" and an interactive segment called "Pide Videos" where superfans pick (and introduce) their favorites. Our host Melissa Roldan pulls it all together, somehow....more