CARTA A EVA (2013)
2 x 90
Drama, History, Thriller
A mini-series that won the Golden Nymph Award at Montecarlo, the Gold Medal at New York and the Gold FIPA at Biarritz. The young Juana Doña is offended by the declarations of the Argentinian ambassador, who alleges that “Spain is an oasis of peace”. She manages to place a bomb in the Argentinian Embassy with the help of her communist friends, but they are quickly arrested and sentenced to death. While Eva Perón compiles the list of the entourage that will join her on her trip to Spain, Carmen Polo examines and organises the formal plans for the visit, along with Franco and his advisers. Carmen fearfully awaits the visit from the Argentinian first lady, a woman who is defined by her desire to help poor people, who she refers to as the “descamisados” (in Spanish, literally “without a shirt”). On numerous occasions, both in speeches and on the radio, she has argued in defence of the people. The tone is so different to that of Franco that it reminds Polo of Dolores Ibárruri, known as “La Pasionaria”. But now her words will strike deeply in the humble farm of the Doña family where, glued to the radio, Paca and Valia, Juana’s sister, will devise a plan to obtain a pardon for Juana and save her from the firing squad. They write a letter to Eva Perón, who is always talking about the poor in her speeches, to ask her to plead for a pardon for Juana. Young Alexis writes the letter that they will try to get to Perón: “Mrs Perón, they shot my father and now they are going to shoot my mother...”....more
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