Against Her Will: An Incident In Baltimore   (1991)
Harmon Cobb is a rumpled defense attorney who must try to free a young woman wrongfully incarcerated in a mental asylum.
Project Type:
Feature Film
Running Time:
Crime, Drama, Family, Mystery
Delbert Mann
James Norell, Michael Norell
Project Status:
Oscar and Tony-winner Walter Matthau reprises his role as crusty attorney “Harmon Cobb” in this sequel to the Emmy Award-winning 1990 motion picture for television, “The Incident.”The year is 1947. Having just moved to Baltimore with his widowed daughter-in-law, Billie (Susan Blakely), and his granddaughter, Nancy (Ariana Richards), Harmon now joins his old friend, Judge Stoddard Bell (Harry Morgan) in a lucrative but unrewarding law practice pleading cases in Federal Court.Still coming to terms with the death of his son, Harmon Cobb is emotionally adrift. Going strictly by the numbers, he has little appetite for his legal work, and trouble accepting the notion that his daughter-in-law is exploring a new romance.One day he hears of a young woman named Marika (Bridgit Ryan) who has been declared insane and confined to a state mental institution. The story touches his heart and piques his interest. Suspecting a cover-up, Harmon sets out to obtain Marika’s release, despite Judge Bell’s warning that the state has “sovereign immunity” and cannot be sued.As this heartwarming family saga and compelling courtroom drama drives toward its conclusion, and Harmon’s brilliant homespun litigation style begins to achieve results, Harmon comes to two realizations. First, he must always follow his heart, pursuing cases not for mercenary reasons, but because he cares. At the same time, he must release his daughter-in-law to follow her own heart and enjoy the chance for a new beginning....more