La Reina de los Lagartos   (2019)
Berta, a single mother, lives a summer-affair with Javi, a peculiar man. The affair, which was to end today when the ship had to pick Javi up, doesn’t show up, leads to what Berta feared most, a relationship that has laid down a stunning specimen.
AKA 1:
The Lizard's Queen
Project Type:
Feature Film
Running Time:
63 min.
Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi
Javier Botet, Bruna Cusí, Miki Esparbé
Juan González , Nando Martínez
Juan González , Nando Martínez
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Berta (Bruna Cusí) is a single mother, young and determined. She lives a summer love with Javi (Javi Botet), a peculiar man passing through his life, and Margot, her daughter. Today's Javi's last day on earth and he and Berta decide to spend it together, making the most of the few hours left on our planet. After a beautiful day, the time has come for the farewell, but things don't come as planned. Javi's companions do not come to pick him up, and now Berta doesn't know what to do. That love of summer drags on against her will, and the life that Berta wanted to recover seems to get complicated. But that's not all. The real reason for the one who has not come to look for Javi is because it has fulfilled its mission, to inseminate a female of the human species. This information makes life Berta's turn around. Suddenly she is faced with an unexpected situation; she is now the queen of lizards, and for her guilt and that of Javi, humanity will leave if it exists, or at least as we know. Berta decides that if she has to face at the end of the world, he prefers to do it with Javi, since after all, maybe it is more than summer love....more