El Prado, a passion for painting (2014)
La Pasion Del Prado
Juan Carlos González Asenjo, José Morillas Cantero
"El Prado, a passion for painting” focuses on 400 paintings, all masterpieces, selected from the more than 9,000 works that treasures the Prado Museum in Madrid. Filmed in 4K, the ultra-high-definition system for television, the images in this documentary are as sharp and colorful as those perceived by the human eye. This is art as it has never been seen before. "El Prado, a passion for painting" offers viewers the possibility to undertake a magical tour of the halls that make up Spain's leading art museum. The documentary reviews the most important painting schools and their most representative painters. The tour covers key figures ranging from Dürer to Botticelli and from Hieronymus Bosch to Murillo, not to mention Titian and El Greco. Neither must we forget Goya and Velazquez. This is an experience in which we realize that it is not simply a question of looking, but of seeing; it is a question of entering the magical realm of an artistic environment, one in which each hall and each corner serves as a high altar to the world of art. This is "El Prado, a passion for painting", a documentary that appeals to anyone who is passionate about beauty, because this is great art on the big stage....more
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