Black Stain   (2020)
Early 70’s in a secluded Andalusian village. Deep tensions are reignited in the wake of the death of the matriarch. As the sisters grieve, a black stain re-surface. Facing the threat of destitution, exile, and rejection, family dynamics implode.
AKA 1:
La Mancha Negra
Running Time:
90 min.
Action, Thriller
Pablo Puyol, Virginia de Morata, Natalia Roig, Juanma Lara, Cuca Escribano
Enrique Garcia
Enrique Garcia, Isa Sanchez
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The death of Mrs. Matilde Cisneros gathers during the two days that her wake is going to last her three daughters Modesta, Manuela, and the mentally unstable Mercedes and her firstborn son Eugenio. Her son comes accompanied by his wife Emilia, who needs to collect his share of the inheritance and finds himself forced to go back to the village he runs away from 15 years earlier. Eugenio's return also awakens among the neighbors a dormant sense of blame and vengeance. But time has passed by, and a plague has devastated the fertile olive grove turning the village into a place of lifeless and rotten fields. The neighbors submerged in poverty and his family in a situation of extreme precarity. The village's priest, Mr. Andrés, takes advantage of Mrs. Matilde's death and Eugenio's comeback to preach about God's divine punishment, who holds accountable the Cisneros family for what they have done and uses the plague they suffered to manipulate the fragile intention of the neighbors. Where is the money that Eugenio sent her mother for 15 years and now came back to look for? Was it hid to avoid sharing it? Did his mother leave that money to someone else before dying? What did the neighbors who accompanied the deceased in her final hours hide, and what they know about the tragedy that the family suffered 15 years ago? During the night of the wake, the Cisneros' deepest secrets will come out in front of their mother's body. All the hate, resentment, and frustration of the past will come back in the night previous to Mrs. Matilde's burial....more