Detention Day   (2017)
12 students at an urban high school with nothing in common, faced with spending a Saturday detention together in their high school cafeteria. At first, they argue and fight each other. However, After being stuck together for several hours they begin to reveal their problems, fears, secrets, deepest emotions and even fall in love....more
Project Type:
Feature Film
Running Time:
85 min.
Drama, Urban
Craig Strong, Marc Cayce, Tiffanie Damier
Marc Cayce
Marc Cayce
Shacola Thompson
Project Status:
Not Specified
Origin Country/Region:
United States
Original Language :
There were 12 high school students that appeared to have nothing in common begrudgingly facing Saturday detention together. At first they found themselves arguing and fighting with one another. However, after being stuck together in detention all day, they found themselves unexpectedly opening up to each other. They began revealing their deepest emotions, their toughest struggles, their innermost fears, their undisclosed desires, and their darkest secrets. To the outside world they were simply Brian, a wannabe hip-hop rapper; Miracle, a typical Gothic girl who wears black painted nails and lipstick; Dejanae, also known as Ms. Diva because of her flair for dramatics; Jaylan, a sexually confused, possibly gay, boy; Tyler and Steve, two misguided white boys; Jake, a cool white guy that has an urban swag and digs black girls; Ciera, a black Barbie doll; Breanna, an Afro-Centric female who proudly embraces her race; Asia, the shallow cheerleader captain who is more focused on her image and friends than her own family; Malik, an All-American Athlete whose father forces the religion of Islam on him; and Mr. Casey, the egotistic security guard, who is the out of control assistant principal for the day. After spending several hours in detention together, they come to realize that some of their upbringing and beliefs may be different, but at the end of the day they have more in common than not. They will always remember this day because they will never be same. This ONE profound Saturday spent in detention together not only changed their perspectives about one another, but it also changed their perspectives about life!...more