Broken Kingdom (2016)
La Corona Partida
Action, Drama, History, Thriller
Rodolfo Sancho, Irene Escolar, Raúl Mérida, Eusebio POncela, Ramón Madaula, Fernando Guillén Cuervo, Úrsula Corberó, Silvia Alonso, Fernando Cayo, José Coronado
Jordi Frades
José Luis Martín
After the death of Isabella, Ferdinand the Catholic and Philip the Handsome fight for power. Joanna, the rightful heir, is a victim of their dealings. Ferdinand's desire to rule Castile comes up against the desire of Philip the Handsome to be crowned. Joanna, the legitimate heir, will suffer the consequences of the bitter struggle between them to seize power. Ferdinand feels more and more isolated and forms an alliance with his rival, the King of France. The treaty entails his marriage to a very young Germaine de Foix, the French King’s niece. However, the possible separation of Castile and Aragon betrays the will of Isabella in the eyes of his loyalists. Forced to compromise, Philip and Ferdinand strike a deal behind Joanna’s back, who craves the intervention of her father. But Ferdinand marches off to Aragon without seeing her. A sudden illness ends with Philip’s life. The suspicion of murder is in the air. The nobility, fearful of chaos, promote Cisneros as de facto Regent. Queen Joanna is not interested in ruling the country. She clings to the unburied corpse of Philip as if it guaranteed the rights of her children, which, for many, simply confirms her madness. The reunion with his father is bittersweet. Joanna obeys him completely, but Ferdinand decides to lock her away in Tordesillas, where she will live until her death. Ferdinand ruins his health in his efforts to produce an heir. In his agony, he ratifies Isabella’s will and appoints his grandson, Charles, as heir of Castile and Aragon....more
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