Mr. Frog the Serial Killer (2020)
“Today I caught a frog...” The shocking discovery of a naked corpse dangling from a high-rise and a messy, child-like confession note triggers a city-wide panic. Who will catch Mr.Frog?
Drama, Mystery, TV Drama - Scripted
Asuka Kudo
Naoto Kumazawa
Shichiri Nakayama
Atsushi Ikeda
Hanging lifelessly from the upper floor, the first victim of the psycho-killer Mr. Frog makes a grotesque impression on the city. A child-like confession note is the biggest clue for detectives on the case, but as they narrow the list of suspects to include known mentally unstable criminals and psychopaths, are they playing into the killer’s hands? As the number of victims increases, a wave of public terror threatens to engulf everything - Jeopardizing the investigation. The police find themselves up against both a frenzied public and a psychopathic murderer in this unique psychological thriller. Mr. Frog’s horrifying actions will leave the audience hooked until the very end....more