Aftershock: Earthquake in New York   (1999)
When an earthquake rips through New York City, skyscrapers topple, the Statue of Liberty falls, concrete crumbles and the lives of four families are forever changed. Based on the novel by Chuck Scarborough.
Project Type:
TV Series
Running Time:
Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller
Mikael Salomon
Chuck Scarborough, David Stevens, Loren Boothby, Paul Eric Myers
Michael O'Connor
Project Status:
Dubbed In:
French, Italian, Spanish
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Get ready for the unthinkable when a massive earthquake shakes the East Coast, turning Manhattan into a fiery concrete wasteland. Without warning an earthquake rips through the “city that never sleeps” turning it into a vulnerable state of chaos. The ground rumbles, skyscrapers topple, landmarks are swallowed by the earth, subways are buried in the rubble, countless lives are lost, and families and loved ones are torn apart. As turmoil reigns in the screaming streets, Mayor Bruce Lincoln (Emmy winner Charles S. Dutton, Oz) and former Fire Chief Thomas Ahearn (Emmy winner Tom Skerritt, Picket Fences) race against time to enact a citywide emergency plan. Now the two men, who have been locked in a bitter political battle, must set aside their differences to wrench New York City out of the ashes of the quake, and the face the almost insurmountable task of helping the myriad of helpless survivors—above ground and below—to make their way to safety… Evie Lincoln (Lisa Nicole Carson, Ally McBeal), an attorney and daughter of the mayor, entombed in the subway with her client, a man accused of murder; Evie’s mother Rose (Emmy winner Cicely Tyson, The Rosa Parks Story), injured with a wayward youth in a Baptist Church in Harlem; guilt-ridden mother Dori Thorell (Emmy nominee Sharon Lawrence, Word of Honor) desperately searching for her disabled son; and aspiring ballet dancer Dian Agostini (Golden Globe winner Jennifer Garner, Alias) trapped in a taxi with a Russian cabby, an immigrant in search of the American Dream. As Ahearn and Mayor Lincoln struggle to locate and rescue strangers, their own lives are personally affected by the tragedy, and are forever changed. Facing the ruins of a metropolis, the mission to rebuild—with undying courage and resilience—begins. Nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Special Visual Effects, Aftershock combines an all-star cast with a story that rocks for an epic of powerhouse human drama and resilience in the face of overwhelming disaster....more