Hump (2019)
HUMP is a $16 million animated feature, that sees a timid a young camel, Rami, who must traverse the Arabian Desert with a pair of unlikely companions, an ill-tempered goat and an overconfident desert fox, in order to reunite with his owner and best friend, Omar, a 10 year-old Bedouin boy.
90 minutes
Adventure, Animation, Comedy
Gaten Matarazzo, Ramy Youssef, Simon Pegg
Tim Johnson
Amin Matalqa, Matt Antonelli
Alexander Weimer, Amin Matalqa, Eric Goossens, Esther Freidrich
Belgium, Canada, Germany
Set among the rolling dunes of a vast and exotic Arabian desert, a Bedouin boy named Omar and his best friend, a bumbling, yet sweetly sincere Camel named Rami frolic and play among the dunes, oases and plains without a care in the world. This suddenly changes when one fateful night Omar’s mother suddenly falls very ill. In a panic, Omar’s father packs up the family in their off-roader (the human members, anyway!) and make a midnight rush to the distant city hospital in order to give Mum the care she so desperately needs, leaving Rami behind in deep sleep, despite Omar’s protests. Determined to find his best friend and reunite himself with his family, Rami summons all his courage to set out on an epic journey across the desert. Joined by a cunning desert fox who claiming to be a prince, and a cynical goat who is always in a terrible mood (although she has a lovely singing voice), Rami has to overcome mirages, sand spiders, the crazy desert inhabitants and the tyranny of distance to become the heroic steed of the desert he was born to be. HUMP is a sweet, uplifting tale for families everywhere (and their unlikely pets) filled to the brim with adventures, songs and sand....more