El Greco, Universal Light and Soul (2015)
El Greco Alma y Luz Universal
6 x 30'
Miguel de los Santos Álvarez
Creativos & Promotores, TVE
Documentary series of six episodes which, on the occasion of the fourth centenary of his death, delves into the life and work of El Greco, a universal painter who was born Greek, was formed in Italy and ended up being Spanish. Through the real scenarios of his life – Crete, Venice, Florence, Rome, Madrid, El Escorial and Toledo – and the different exhibitions that have been organized for the centenary, the series unveils and answers to the many mysteries that still remain around him. Why did El Greco paint so differently compared to other painters of his time? This key question will enable us to build up an intimate portrait of the artist, focusing on his personality, his desires, his weaknesses and strengths; because in the end, El Greco effectively sought to paint the invisible: immortal souls trapped in bodies of flesh and bone. All inquiries will be made: was he mad?, did he suffer from some visual defect?, was he a heretic?...more
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