Crime Times (2016)
El Caso: Crónica de Sucesos
13 x 70
Crime, Drama, Thriller
Antonio Garrido, Fernando Cayo, Fernando Guillén Cuervo, Francisco Ortíz, Marc Clotet, Natalia Verbeke, Verónica Sánchez
Iñaki Mercero, Javier Quintas, José Ramón Paíno
A detective series made up of 13 episodes, each featuring a crime that made the headlines in the newspaper with the largest circulation in Spain in the 1960s. Two journalists with totally different characters (a former policeman who is a lone wolf and has a prickly past, and a well-to-do girl) are the stars of the newspaper. They will be responsible for investigating the cases, sometimes in parallel with or against the police, to write their features on crimes of passion, disappearances of people under strange circumstances, and all kinds of grisly stories of one of the darkest periods of recent history in Spain. They also have to overcome the political censorship that existed at the time, with the axe waiting to fall at any time....more
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