La búsqueda de Diego Cortijo
4 x 52
Arts & Culture, Civilization, Documentary, History, Travel - Adventure
Diego Cortijo
María Recarte
Diego Cortijo is a national policeman, adventure-lover who has traveled the world exploring inaccessible places and is convinced that there are still many to discover. Diego Cortijo is a young explorer who has traveled the world searching for answers in places that defy history, exploring uncharted corners. For the first time a camera team will accompany him on four expeditions that will try to shed new light on the myths of Paititi in Peru, Yonaguni in Japan, Xibalba in Mexico and Thule and the Viking route in Greenland. Episode 1: PAITITI, THE LOST CITY OF THE INCAS Diego's life changed 7 years ago. His readings of the most legendary explorers took him to the indigenous community of the Amarakaeri in Peru, where one night, in the light of the bonfire, the elders told him about the remains of a lost city. Would it be Paititi? There began 7 years of failed expeditions. This is now his last chance. Following the same path of the Incas fleeing from the Spanish conquerors, Diego enters the Peruvian jungle of the Madre de Dios. Episode 2: YONAGUNI, THE MYTH OF THE FLOOD Diego reads about submerged cities and he is struck by the mystery that surrounds the submerged structure of Yonaguni in Japan. Episode 3: XIBALBA, THE MAYAN INFRAMUM Centuries ago, an old Spanish friar wrote the manuscript of ""Popol Vuh"", based on ancient Mayan myths. Reference is made to Xibalbá, the underworld, a place that is reached on a road plagued by dangers. But what if it is more than a mythological site? Episode 4: GREENLAND, THE VIKING ROUTE We will travel to Thule, the most northern inhabited place, hand in hand with the Inuit, the only people which have managed to survive in these lands, and who lived in space and time with the Vikings. Today they are the only free men on the planet and the last hunters of the white desert. GENERAL AUDIENCES - ALL AGES...more