Guardianes de la historia
6 x 50
Civilization, Documentary, History
Juan Luís Arsuaga, Nira Juanco, Santiago Zannou
The world's cultural heritage is threatened. Some of the most valuable treasures we have received in inheritance are in danger of extinction. Sometimes the culprits are war and totalitarianism. On other occasions, money and ambition. But also nature or oblivion. Always, the passage of time. Throughout history, many people have been willing to put their lives in danger to defend those treasures. With the romantic spirit of all those heroes we have proposed a mission: to write a great book that portrays the struggle against the passage of time, the effort to preserve the heritage of humanity and the need to instill in all of us respect for history. The team of 'Guardians of History' is composed by three professionals who come from very different worlds: A renowned paleoanthropologist (Juan Luis Arsuaga) who will transport us to the past and give us the real dimension of the place we visit and its importance; A journalist (Nira Juanco), whose mission will be to describe the current situation, learn all the details, discover the human stories that surround each case and a film director and photographer (Santiago Zannou) who will be our eyes in each expedition and will portray permanently what we see in search of the perfect image. They will be our own Guardians of History who must solve a mission in each episode in order to raise awareness of the need to protect our legacy. From their hand we will get to know the spirit, history, society and beauty of each monument in danger. The 'Guardians of History' will visit seven countries on three continents throughout six programs: Lalibela (Ethiopia), Jesuit Missions (Argentina and Paraguay), Pompeii (Italy), Huaca de la Luna (Peru), Angkor (Cambodia) and La Alhambra (Spain)....more