Kawach (The Shield) (2016)
It is said that when a witch dies an unfulfilled life, she does not rest in peace and is twice as powerful if she returns and possesses a human form. Such is the story of Paridhi, a devoted and loving wife who is possessed by an evil dead witch - Manjulika. Manjulika was in love with Rajbir, Paridhi’s husband and when unable to win his love, she killed her herself, only to return as a black spirit. Manjulika challenges Paridhi to save her husband’s life and save her own life, because unless she has Rajbir to herself, she won’t leave anyone at peace. But there has to be an end to this evil and dark practice. The story then follows Paridhi’s quest of finding out the ultimate truth behind the evil Manjulika and destroying this evil force with her shield of love....more