The House on the Cliff   (2021)
The House on the Cliff is a 2021 English language paranormal horror film set in the late 1970s. The film stars Priyanshu Chatterjee as the internationally-renowned parapsychologist Barun Rai, who is called to a small British coastal village Corvid's Head for an investigation into an unexplained spate of deaths in the area. Nyra Banerjee and Sid Makkar shine in supporting roles as the newlyweds who have just moved into their dream home.
AKA 1:
Barun Rai and the House on the Cliff
Project Type:
Feature Film
Running Time:
Adventure, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Priyanshu Chatterjee, Nyra Banerjee, Sid Makkar, George Dawson, Tony Richardson
Sam Bhattacharjee
Sara Bodinar
Mitra Bhattacharya, Firuzi Khan, Sam Bhattacharjee
Project Status:
Origin Country(s)/Region(s)
United Kingdom
Dubbed In:
Release Date:
Media Formats:
3D, 2D
Suicide or murder? It is 1970s. Barun Rai is an internationally respected criminal investigator with a special interest in supernatural events. He travels from his last murder case in California to Corvid’s Head, a small village in England, where there has been an unexplained increase in local deaths. In this same village, Soumili and her husband, Harmesh, have just moved into their new, dream, cliff top house. Strange movements and shadows in the house are making Soumili nervous. She is so nervous in fact, that Harmesh begins to feel the strain on their relationship. He’s not sure if the visions she’s having are real, or imagined. In an unexpected moment, Harmesh throws himself off the cliff. The police investigating are unsure if it’s the suicide it appears to be, or whether dark forces are at work. Nervous but determined Soumili wants to prove her husband was murdered, but the police are unable to help her. The one man who can help, Barun, strikes Soumili as mentally unstable. She doesn’t believe his visualisations, that reconstruct the crimes he investigates, are valuable and doesn’t want to trust him. However, with a suspected vengeful ghost in her house and nobody else willing to take her side, she must accept Barun’s help. It is Barun who discovers the nature of the demon in the house and that it is growing stronger every day. He knows that if the demon enters Soumili on the night of the upcoming blood red moon, Its powers will be absolute and a horrific loss of life can be expected, including Soumili’s own. It’s a race against the clock for Barun and the local Priest to carry out an effective exorcism to save Soumili and themselves. Page 6 – Target Audience Primary positioning: Mass market consumers of horror, mystery and thriller theatrical releases, along with home entertainment fans; particularly those with an interest in paranormal sub genres. (The Badadook, The Grudge, Poltergeist) Secondary positioning: Fans of intelligent, thought-provoking mysteries and horrors, keen horror fans, independent film fans, DVD collectors and those who seek out creepy, skin-chilling ghost stories. (Blair Witch Project and The Others.) Page 7 – Director’s Statement Primarily what we wanted to do was to get people to question their fears. We all see unexplained occurrences, but how often do we seek an answer that soothes, rather than clarifies? We all know we’ll sleep better if we can put an unexpected rattling in the middle of the night down to an air conditioning failure, rather than something we can’t rationalise; ie a ghost. But then what of those people who try to rationalise something that can’t be explained with science? How many academics and ghost-hunting professionals, with a keen and vivid interest in the supernatural, keep their research and experiments out of the public domain, simply because of the stigma placed on their efforts by the scientific community? A common scientific response to people who experience a supernatural vision, is that their visions come from within. At some point, those who routinely experience visions out of the ordinary, will have their mental health questioned. It’s more soothing for us to believe that the individual is to blame for their nightmares, because in this way, the rest of us are safe! In Corvid’s Head, we have Barun, a criminal investigator, whose unorthodox methods are questioned by Soumili, a victim of unorthodox experiences. She can’t open her mind, even though everyone else around her suspects that her mind is already open dangerously wide. (They believe what she sees is simply the result of stress.) This is a film that looks deeply into possible truths we are unwilling to accept. Social Handles,,