April 14th. The Republic (2011)
14 de Abril La Republica
13 x 70'
Action, Drama, History, Telenovela & Soap Opera
Félix Gómez, Verónica Sánchez, Alejo Sauras, Fernando Cayo, Lucía Jiménez
Jordi Frades
Spring 1931. The people have massively risen to celebrate the proclamation of the Second Republic. The capital is bustling with the changes and is living a time of unseen freedom. But, while some celebrate the change others prepare to fight. In the dawning of this reality “April 14th. The Republic” is born, a new story about the rescue of the spirit of “La Señora” bringing the spectator closer to an impossible love story conditioned by an era. A fascinating time full of stories that take place in a key historical period of Spain´s history covering the first part of the first two years of the new Government until winter 1933, when the conservative parties take over the republican government....more
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