127 min
Ernst Günther, Helena Bergström, Jakob Eklund, Rikard Wolff, Tord Peterson
Colin Nutley
Lars Jönsson / Lars Dahlquist
Yxared is a small village set in the heart of the Swedish countryside where time has stood still. An old man, Eric Zander, owns the manor house ‘Änglagård’ (House of Angels) and many acres of surrounding forest. Axel Flogfält is the pretender to this throne and waits for the day that Eric will die. Axel is a patient man. However life never happens as you expect and a bizarre accident sets in motion a chain of events that will change life in the village forever. One morning on Eric’s land Axel pulls the trigger of his gun – the bullet misses the rabbit he was trying to kill and flies through the window of the vicars car. In panic the vicar swerves, knocks Eric off of his moped and the old man dies. Two weeks later the vicar has to bury the man he killed. Everyone from the village is at the funeral but there are no relatives. However life is never as you expect and halfway through the funeral two people walk into the church, looking for all intense and purpose as though they’ve come from another planet. The woman, Fanny Zander, turns out to be the granddaughter of Eric. Axel has lost his dream and the village faces a nightmare. The summer that follows throws the village into total confusion as modern Europe and traditional Sweden collide. ‘Änglagård’ opens with a premonition of death and ends up with an affirmation of life. It is a film about identity, community and love....more