Longevity Experts, The (2020)
If someone said to you 20 years ago that aging was an immovable part of life that you had to accept, they would have been right. If someone said that same comment today, they would be misinformed. Technologies have now arrived that can rewrite the human genome, extend cellular limits, supercharge cellular metabolism and switch certain genes on or off. This is no longer the stuff of science fiction, this is now science fact.
Documentary, Exercise, Health & Fitness, Science & Engineering
Steve Quarterely
Raymond Palmer
Deborah Bishop, Raymond Palmer
The Longevity Experts interviews captains of industry, explores the latest technologies, looks at the social ramifications of extreme human longevity and covers topics that the viewer can implement into their daily routine. Everything from enzymes, high tech compounds, high intensity interval training to the thermoneutral zone, telomeres, CRISPR, and more is covered. The human lifespan has already doubled in the last 120 years and there is no reason to think it won't again.The Longevity Experts takes us on a journey into the world of the latest longevity technologies to ward off biological decay and extend human life span beyond our imaginations. Imagine being frozen before your death? This technology (and service) is now available to those with a terminal disease (cryothanasia). The causes of why we age are no longer mysterious to science, and many therapies to prevent these causes (pathways) are relatively quite simple to use. Our species is way overdue for an explosion in longevity and the science is now here to do that. The Longevity Experts weaves between scientists and techniques that the viewer can implement with relative ease to take control over how they age. This is not a documentary series that will leave viewers waiting, in hope for technologies they can use in a decade, but instead will deliver knowledge for what the viewer can use right now, to start their journey in the emerging field of longevity. Aging is the number one cause of suffering, disease and death. The World Organisation has recently labelled aging as a disease (the disease code being XT9T), which means they consider it a treatable condition. This is because of our understanding of aging, and the latest technologies to control it. We are yet to find one person that wants to look old, feel old or get old. And that means this content holds high appeal amongst your viewers. Governments spend billions each year trying to fend off the suffering and disease that aging causes such as cancers, arthritis, heart disease, neurological decline and more (this is reverse engineering). The simple way to beat many diseases of old age, is to keep our bodies youthful and functional. To do this, scientists target cellular machinery to fend off biological decay. If our cells are old, we are old. If we cells are young, then we are youthful. Sounds like science fiction, but this is now science fact....more