Garage Sale Mystery: Guilty Until Proven Innocent (2016)
When antique-hunter and garage-sale guru Jennifer Shannon stumbles upon a corpse, she has to work overtime to prove an old friend innocent of murder.
2 hr
Drama, Mystery
French, Italian, Spanish
Jennifer Shannon, co-owner of Rags to Riches, the consignment shop she runs with her friend Dani, has a knack for garage-sale treasure hunting. Despite her husband’s apprehension, she’s also skilled at solving crimes. That’ll come in handy. Her old college pal, Sandra, is closing up her antiques store and Jennifer is privilege to all the exquisite pieces. What she didn’t expect to find is a dead body. Even worse, Sandra is arrested for the murder. Jennifer has no choice but to prove her friend's innocence. It won’t be easy—because every bit of evidence, and every cleverly planted clue all point to Sandra....more
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