5 Time Champion (2011)
With his family embroiled in illicit affairs,14 year-old budding scientist Julius sets out to discover the roots of his family's dysfunction and the answers to his own girl troubles.
Five Time Champion
Comedy, Drama
Ryan Akin, Jon Gries, Betty Buckley, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, Justin Arnold
Berndt Mader
Berndt Mader
Berndt Mader, Ezra Venetos
United States
Julius lives in a typical small town in Texas, surrounded by people who are anything but typical. For a teenage boy who would like life to work out as neatly as his science experiments, the irrational behaviour of the adults in his life defies explanation. With an absent father whose sexuality is the talk of the town and his mother and grandfather both embroiled in elicit affairs it is no wonder Julius is confused about love. Ashamed and frustrated by his own sexual inadequacies he turns to his love of science for answers. Could earthworms hold the secret to life with their ability to reproduce asexually? Will finding his father help Julius feel whole again? Most importantly, can he rebuild his fragmented family from broken pieces....more