Zookeeper's Wife, The (2016)
Jessica Chastain
Niki Caro
Diane Ackerman, Angela Workman
Marc Butan
United States
Based on the New York Times best seller, The Zookeeper's Wife is the moving, true story of a husband and wife's compassion and incredible will to save hundreds of Jews during WWII. After the brutal Nazi invasion of Poland levels Warsaw and ravages the city zoo, zookeeper Jan Sabinski and his wife Antonina are left to salvage what's left of the grounds and the few surviving animals. As the Nazis begin to deport Jews to certain annihilation, Jan and Antonina risk it all to smuggle as many Jews as possible into their zoo. Against all odds, Antonina and the sheltered Jews manage to restore one another's faith in humanity and together plot a harrowing escape to freedom....more