Wahlburgers (A&E)  
10 Seasons, 95 Episodes x 21 min. The youngest of nine siblings, Mark and Donnie are no strangers to being in the spotlight, but now it’s older brother Paul’s turn to shine as he takes on the challenges of running a burger joint. Even with his brothers’ full support, this proves no easy task as he gets caught up in a whirlwind of bustling kitchens, an impending expansion and everything in between. But Paul is careful to capture the flavor of their Dorchester home in every aspect of the restaurant.
Project Type:
TV Series
Running Time:
Adventure, Comedy, Family, Reality
Paul Wahlberg, Mark Wahlberg, Donnie Wahlberg, Alma Wahlberg
Archie Gips, Brian Spoor
David J. Garfield (script writer)
James M. Wahlberg, Joe Smith, Henry Penzi, Robert Wahlberg
Origin Country(s)/Region(s)
United States
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Sample episodes: "Wahl Always Have Paris" On a movie promotional tour in France, Mark invites Paul to Paris so the two of them can do some sightseeing as well as be together for Mark's birthday dinner. Of course, Mark also wants Paul to cook for him and his French-speaking actor friend Said to prove that Paul is as good as any French chef. "Wahl in the Family" Donnie welcomes Bob and Oscar to Chicago while they're there to visit colleges. Donnie takes them to scout a potential Wahlburgers location in St. Charles, Illinois and pulls out all the stops to convince Oscar to make Chicago his college town. Mark flies into Toronto for the premiere of his new film, Deepwater Horizon, at the esteemed Toronto International Film Festival, and runs into Paul who is in town doing publicity for the Toronto Wahlburgers. "Rick Rolled" Mark sets up Paul on a London tour with '80s pop star Rick Astley. Donnie gets cooking tips from Alma....more