Adventures In Dinotopia   (2002)
Two 21st-century brothers find themselves stranded on the shores of a prehistoric Eden where dinosaurs and humans coexist in peace and harmony.
Project Type:
Feature Film
Running Time:
Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Marco Brambilla
James Gurney, Simon Moore
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A fantastic marriage of state-of-the-art computer technology, thrilling live action, and breathtaking ingenuity, Dinotopia emerges as one of the most ambitious and technically advanced projects in the history of television. While flying on holiday with their estranged father, Karl (Tyron Leitso, Snow White) and David (Wentworth Miller, The Human Stain) find themselves in unexpected bad weather, which sends their plane crashing to the shores of Dinotopia. In this fantastic lost world, built upon long-established principles of mutual respect, humans and dinosaurs peacefully coexist. The two brothers are as astounded by the benevolent creatures as they are enraptured by Marion (Katie Carr, The Odyssey), the mayor’s beautiful precocious daughter who welcomes them both to the wonders of Dinotopia. However, harmony does not prevail everywhere. Just beyond Dinotopia's capital, Waterfall City, are deadly carnivores that pose a constant threat to the delicate balance of nature. Equally dangerous are human outlaws such as Cyrus Crabb (David Thewlis, Total Eclipse), a pirate descendant who shuns the Dinotopian codes. But there is no greater concern than the mysterious failing of the sunstones, which power all of Dinotopian life. With the help of a brilliant (and multilingual) Stenonychosaurus named Zipeau, Karl and David embark on a daring mission as the last hope for the prehistoric Eden they now call home. Constructed as one of the largest sets in the history of London's Pinewood Studios, with groundbreaking special effects by the award-winning team at FrameStore (Walking with Dinosaurs, Arabian Nights), there has never been anything quite like Dinotopia. Based on James Gurney’s hugely popular books, adapted by Simon Moore (The 10th Kingdom, Gulliver’s Travels) and directed by action specialist Marco Brambilla (Demolition Man), this is truly a mega-series that could only come from RHI Entertainment....more