The Beachbuds   (2021)
52 x 11 minute episodes. Join the Beachbuds for zany and hilarious adventures as they do their best to deliver world class hospitality on a tropical resort paradise.
Project Type:
TV Series
Running Time:
Children - Preschool, Children 6-12
Austin Lee Matthews, Chris Smith, Dino Andrade, Jason Marnocha, Kimlinh Tran, Ryan Bartley
Enike Santoso
Daniel Silk, John R. Morey, Ken Goin, Matthew Hayes, Patrick Bottaro
Executive Producer:
Iskander Tjahjadi, Jimmy Budiarto
Project Status:
Origin Country/Region:
Canada, Indonesia, United States
Original Language :
Dubbed In:
52 x 11 minute episodes. The Beachbuds is an animated “Workplace Comedy” featuring unique and colorful characters that find themselves in hilariously entertaining situations. It also teaches kids about hospitality and harmony so that everyone can have their BEST DAY EVER! Zoobak Island is home to the BeachBuds, a species of bird modelled after the magnificent and rare Bali Starling. The BeachBuds live and work at the Zoobak Resort where animal guests come from around the globe in search of world class amenities, hospitality, and most of all, fun! These exotic birds are the funniest feathered friends to ever serve you. When they're not busy giving guests their best day ever, they get into fun adventures the whole family will enjoy watching. Every episode is a vacation that you'll never want to end. Now let’s meet the cast. Bayo: THE RESORT'S AUTHORITY ON AWESOMENESS Bayo is a high energy optimist who tries to give everyone their best day ever. He believes in the Balinese motto: “The Guest is King.” But he also believes his friends should have awesome days too! Alejandro: THE FOOLISHLY FUNNY LIFEGUARD Although he is in charge of the guest’s safety, this lovable klutz is barely capable of keeping himself safe. Al may not be the most intelligent bird on the island, but if you ask him, he will tell you that he’s “more smarter” than anyone else. Nola: THE GRITTY AND PRETTY SECURITY Nola rules with an iron wing even though more days the worst crime she encounters is just someone swimming too soon after eating. Bayo is the only thing Nola loves more than the law itself, who always make her melts like a popsicle on a hot summer day! Mr. Putu: THE RELUCTANT MANAGER AND HEAD NAPPER Mr. Putu expects his staff to treat the guests like kings and himself like the king of guests. Most times he works harder trying to get out of work than he would have if he just did his job in the first place. That’s probably why he naps a lot. Probably! Pon-Pon: THE CHILL CHEF WITH HOT TEMPER Pon-Pon is the spiritual center of the show who preach to everyone about living in peace and harmony. Until she gets the slightest bit upset and spirals into total darkness and rage! So, better enjoy her wonderful cooking… Or else! Ozo: THE GLOOM AND DOOM HANDYMAN Ozo is a sarcastic and cranky bird who feels he’s superior to everyone. On the surface he barely tolerates the rest of his co-workers but deep down he has a soft, warm center. Like deep deep down...more