Emmanuelle Vaugier, Brian Krause, Christine Prosperi
Peter Sullivan
Jeffrey Schenck, Peter Sullivan
United States
Five years after her husband David (Michael Bergin) was killed in a tragic car accident, Linda (Emmanuelle Vaugier) has picked up the shattered pieces and moved on with her life. In fact, she has married David's long time business partner Greg (Brian Krause). It's a big change for her as her daughter, Scarlett (Cristine Prosperi) has returned from college for winter break. While Scarlett agrees to put her own feelings aside for the sake of her mother's happiness, she starts to suspect that Greg might be having an affair. Installing a tracker on his cell phone, she follows him to a rendezvous with another woman, seemingly confirming her suspicions. However, before Scarlett can tell Linda what she's learned, she sees a disturbing story on the news: this mysterious other woman has been found murdered! With her suspicions about Greg drifting from infidelity to murder, Scarlett steps up her investigation. That's when she finds out that the deceased other woman was revealed to be a spy! Even more curious, certain details in Greg's past turn out to be lies. What is he hiding? Is he is a spy too? Did he find out this woman was about to go to the FBI and kill her to protect his cover? Now Greg's odd behavior is viewed in a whole new light as his new "work project" might actually be something far more sinister....more
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