After All These Years   (2012)
After a wealthy, cheating husband is found murdered, all evidence points to his wife who turns amateur Manhattan sleuth in order to find the real killer.
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Feature Film
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Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
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What happens when your exquisitely appointed, lavishly catered, blissfully happy world goes so wrong, so quickly? You put on your best heels and you run for your life.   Hours after celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary, Audrey (Emmy and Golden Globe nominee Wendie Malick, Hot in Cleveland) gets the shock of her life. Her husband Michael, a Ralph Lauren-wearing, abstract art-collecting, Wasabi caviar-eating president of a Manhattan research firm, has left her for a woman in his office. He loves her. He’s going to marry her. Hey, what can he say? Things change. After going through the normal stages of a dumped wife’s grief (denial, revenge, chocolate ice cream), Audrey wakes one night to stumble upon Michael in their kitchen—now, just another pretentious stiff. Buried in his heart, a carving knife. Well, 25 is silver.   Unfortunately for Audrey, her prints are on the weapon and boy did she have a motive. Only days from arraignment, and absolutely innocent, she does the right thing: she flees. After all, there’s plenty of time for hysterics. Right now she has to find the real killer and clear her name. That means scouring Manhattan to learn who her husband really was, and who (among many) wanted him dead. What she discovers about Michael, her own friends, his mistress, and his shady past is enough to push Audrey over the edge. On the other hand, what she discovers about herself is something finally worth celebrating.   From the novel by New York Times bestselling author Susan Isaacs comes a sparkling, suspenseful, and surprising Manhattan murder mystery about marriage, status, secrets, betrayal, and all the other things in life worth killing for....more
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