Ax Men (History Channel)  
10 seasons, 166 episodes x 44 minutes. Ax-Men is back with a new season featuring fan-favorite crews and several new logging companies. Facing an industry in flux, loggers across America are putting everything they have on the line to pull through and keep their businesses afloat.
Project Type:
TV Series
Running Time:
Adventure, Documentary, Lifestyle, Reality
Geoff Miller, Sarah Whalen, Jed Whedon
Project Status:
Origin Country(s)/Region(s)
United States
Media Formats:
3D, 2D
Sample episodes: "Battle Ax" In Washington, frustration boils over as Rygaard and Oakes are forced to share the same landing. Down in the bayou, Shelby gets in hot water with the law over a contested log. Up in Alaska, Joe and Coatsy struggle to get the Papac crew back on track. In Florida, the Dreadknots have a run-in with fish and wildlife while the chapman crew works through the night to catch up in the log count. And on the Pearl River, the Ax Cut team races against a fast moving tropical storm. "High Wire Act" In Louisiana, Shelby looks to repair his custom made two-ton swamp buggy. In Alaska, Coatsy returns to the Papac worksite. In the Pacific Northwest, the Rygaard crew must climb over a hundred feet in the air to top a new lift tree. In Wyoming, David Zitterkopf's attempt at swinging between the trees could end in disaster. In Florida, with Katelyn back and the half-million dollar order on the line, the Dreadknots go night logging. And up in Canada, an injury to a key crew member leaves Triack stuck behind the eight ball. "Root Canal" Rygaard Logging has been behind the eight ball all season, but when the crew gets surprise visit from logging legend Craig Rygaard, it's game on. In Wyoming, the Zitterkopfs face a major obstacle in their push to complete their biggest ever job, and they're forced to get to the root of the problem to get the wood moving. Meanwhile in Alaska, Papac battles the "Longest Yard" unit with its mile long skyline - the longest they've ever run. And down south in Florida, the Chapman crew's quest for the lost log train turns up an unexpected treasure. "Fight to the Finish Line" In the dramatic Ax Men season conclusion, Shelby hits the lake with a squad of assistants to have one last confrontation with Richard. In Florida, the Dreadknots and S&S struggle to pull enough logs to help out their ailing leader, Jimmy. In Canada, Gord's whip cracking doesn't help as their final site offers lethal challenges. And in Washington, Craig Rygaard and the crew push to finish on time, and Gabe has a surprise for his father on his last day as a logger....more