Timecrafters: The Treasure of Pirate's Cove (2020)
While searching for lost treasure, time-traveling pirates end up in the modern day and do battle with unlikely foes: a group of kids with the latest in techy-gadgetry
Adventure, Family, Sci-Fi
Denise Richards, Malcolm McDowell, Eric Balfour, Patrick Muldoon, Casey Simpson, Lew Temple
Rick Spalla
Jeffrey Butscher, Chip Firaser
Craig Albrecht, Rick Spalla
A pirate crew led by the dashing Geoffrey Pistol leads a daring mutiny, stealing away in the night aboard a captured scientist's ship. When the alarm sounds Captain Lynch finds his first mate gone along with his precious treasure map and vows to chase the mutineers to the gates of Hades. As Pistol navigates the stolen vessel through a treacherous storm, a bolt of lightning streaks down and strikes the ship's mast. Below deck a strange mechanism is activated and the ship disappears in a flash of swirling, blue energy. The bewildered crew awakes on the shore of the modern-day seaside town Pirate's Cove, where they are mistaken for drunken actors from the local "Lost Colony" re-enactment play. Down the beach a group of four kids Josh, Brigitte, Chip and Hedge find the pirate's treasure map, starting an amazing adventure. Using the latest in high-tech consumer gadgetry, they attempt to decipher the clues on the ancient map while eluding their parents, nosy neighbors and other unsavory characters lurking in town. The pirate's soon find out that the kids have their treasure map and plot how to get it back while laying low with the acting troupe. Here Pistol meets Josh's mom Victoria, the director of the play, whose husband was lost at sea five years prior. Sparks fly between them, causing a major distraction in the pirate's quest to regain the map. The stakes go up when the town's wacky Mayor announces a plan to ditch the "buccaneer" theme of the seaport community in lieu of a new "Dino-World" moniker. Time is running out as the kids really need to figure out the map's cryptic text if they hope to find the lost treasure and save their town from the Mayor's devious plans!...more